Since July 1st, 2014, the Cerec company joined the group ARYES (

The group ARYES arose in 2014 from the consolidation of the activities of companies ABCIA and PHOENIX, livened up(led) and checked(controlled) by the same shareholders and the leaders(managers).

ABCIA ( 1991 ) and PHOENIX ( 2009 ) are specialized in the reversal(capsizing) of ailing firms and their long-lasting(sustainable) redeployment. 2 companies(societies) group(include) about fifteen companies in varied jobs(businesses) going of the injection of the rubber to the manufacturing of individual heaters to the wood, via(including) the transformation(processing) of the metal or still the marketing of educational materials. All the acquired companies(societies) all was raised(straightened) with succés and are always in the portefeuil of the group  ARYES.

The birth of ARYES marked the constitution of a strongly capitalized group, in the strengthened capacities of investments and offers a greater visibility of the activities of the Group, from now on national-wide actor on the sector of the reversal(capsizing) of companies

2000 Employees

More than 300 million euros of THAT

About 100 million euros of stockholders' equity