CEREC, located(localized) in the North of France, is one of world leaders in the manufacturing of dished and flanged ends


Since 1907, the factory of Recquignies produced by dished and flanged heads of tanks for pressure devices and other stamped objects from sheet steels (steel in the carbon, the stainless steels, the plated, duplex, great duplex steels, the aluminum, the titanium.) or rooms(parts,plays) realized by forming / edging through his(her) subsidiary Eurofonds

Thanks to a professional and motivated team, CEREC is world-famous as being a player key and capable of proposing quality solutions to his(her) customers.

As well as spinning, and pressing, CEREC is capable of offering a complete solutions including plate material, heat treatment, manufacturing, testing, both destructive and non-destructive, packing and the transport in the respect for the standards and the applicable regulations.

CEREC is able to adapt itself to the request of it’s customer by proposing him(her) competitive solutions through standard products or products specific to every Specifications.