The CEREC company is specialized in the collision of fund(collection) of tanks, it makes a commitment for several years with succés in the approach(initiative) of the improvement continuous to satisfy his(her) customers in the respect for the regulations in force.
Our commitment carries(wears) on:
ð A rate of accident reduces
ð Watch the conformity of our activities with the applicable statutory and legal éxigences
ð Fight against addictions in the workplace
ð Make sensitive salariès on their safety(security) and their health
ð Develop the culture safety(security) of all the employees
ð Satisfy the éxigences of the standard OHSAS 18001 2007


The objectives defined annually contribute(compete) to answer the expected éxigences. The regular examination of the efficiency of our actions(shares), the analysis and the rigorous treatment(processing) of our accidents are essential to reach our goals.
The implication and the respect for all the staff CEREC and for the companies outer(foreign) are the key of our success.
Cerec has an organizer(presenter) safety(security) and of an assistant, their mission is to warn(prevent) of all the risks incurred on the site, to make sensitive the people in the dangers, etc.
A regulatory monitoring is both organized for the safety(security) and for the environment.
Over this year of 2015, we are going to set up the standard OHSAS 18001.


CEREC bases(establishes) the improvement of its performances on the application of a rigorous politics(policy) of the quality. Having for objectives the satisfaction of the needs for the customers, the satisfaction of the men(people) and the women of the company and the satisfaction of his(her) shareholders, the Quality policy is a vector of progress and continuous improvement.

The safety(security) in the work of all the staff is naturally one of key objectives of CEREC in the rigorous application of the procedures and the continuous surveillance(supervision) of the analysis of the risks.

For the environmental protection, our industrial operations must be led(driven) with the permanent concern(marigold) to respect at best our environment in competitive economic conditions; the approach(initiative) 5S is the daily component applied by all and everywhere.
It is under these conditions that CEREC will pursue its growth, will answer better customer expectations, aspiration of the staff and improvement of the results(profits).


Cerec tries to reduce at the most his(her) impact on the environment, in particular on the water, the air and the waste.

All our waters rejected are regularly analyzed and controls of the DREAL are realized every year.
Studies concerning ground-waters are periodically organized and realized to watch the impact of the site on the ground.

Our production of waste is also followed to reduce the quantity. In 2013 we produced near 20T of solid Waste soiled against 16T in 2014.
We work with collectors and centers of recycling to optimize the valuation of waste produced on the site, the example revision of the falls of steel, recycling of the wood produces, etc...