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CEREC bases the improvement of its performance on the application of a rigorous quality policy. Having for objectives the satisfaction of customer needs, the satisfaction of the men and women of the company and the satisfaction of its shareholders, the Quality Policy is a vector of progress and continuous improvement.

Safety at work for all staff is obviously one of CEREC's key objectives in the rigorous application of procedures and continuous monitoring of risk analysis.

To respect the environment, our industrial operations must be conducted with the constant concern of respecting our environment as best as possible under competitive economic conditions; the 5S approach is the daily component applied by everyone and everywhere.

It is under these conditions that CEREC will continue to grow, better meet customer expectations, staff aspirations and improved results.


The CEREC company specializes in the stamping of tank bottoms, it has been successfully engaged for several years in the process of continuous improvement in order to satisfy its customers in compliance with the regulations in force.

Our commitment relates to:

  • A reduced accident rate
  • Ensure that our activities comply with applicable regulatory and legal requirements
  • Fight against addictions in the workplace
  • Make employees aware of their safety and health
  • Develop the safety culture of all employees
  • Meet the requirements of all our standards

The objectives defined annually help meet the expected requirements. Regular review of the effectiveness of our actions, analysis and rigorous treatment of our accidents are essential to achieve our goals.
The involvement and respect of all CEREC staff and external companies is the key to our success.


CEREC tries to minimize its impact on the environment, especially on water, air and waste.
All of our discharged water is analyzed regularly and DREAL checks are carried out every year. Studies on groundwater tables are put in place and carried out periodically in order to monitor the impact of the site on the ground.
Our waste production is also monitored in order to reduce the quantity.
We work with collectors and recycling centers to optimize the recovery of waste produced on the site, for example overhauling scrap steel, recycling the wood produced, etc.

Certificates in downloads

Quality Assurance System ISO 9001/2015 CERTIFICATION

Quality Assurance System ad2000 mERKBLATT W0 + DESP 2014/68 / EU

Annexes of the Quality Assurance System AD2000 Merkblatt W0 + DESP 2014/68 / EU

Quality Assurance System ad2000 mERKBLATT hpo

CERTIFICATION According to ISO 3834 (quality requirement in welding)


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